Did you know that ice dams can become out of control, thus causing moisture to leak into your home or business? In short, ice dams can be extremely dangerous and they can occur at unpredictable times. Because we deal with extreme winters in Michigan, huge ice dams are not uncommon. Subsequently, damaging roof edges, valleys, gutters and down spouts. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Ideal Roofing provides Ice Prevention Systems that can help eliminate leaks and the hazards of falling ice from your rooftop! These Ice Prevention Systems installed specific to your individual home. Above all, the system is designed to perform as its best, on your particular roof. Ideal roofing also provides a Rooftop Snow Removal service when, Mrs. Winter decides to drop large amount of heavy and wet snow onto your home during those big storms. Give us a call at anytime and with any question. We are here to help.

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Ice Prevention System For The Roof


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