‘Couldn’t find another company that does roofing in Flushing and ice prevention systems. Great company and great products. The ice prevention system they installed did exactly what they said it would do.’

– Samuel G. | Flushing, MI

‘Ended up needing an entire new roof when it was all said and done but I’m glad they know what they’re doing. Saved me from dealing with a lot of interior damage in the future. Good company to work with.’

– Mark M. | Flushing, MI

‘They came out to our home the same day we called. The gentleman we met with, Tony, knows the business. Saved us a lot of money and time.’

– Debbie & Marty W. | Flushing, MI

‘Perfect roofing company for what we needed done. After the garage and the house, they even threw in the dog-house for free. With leftover materials, it matches the house and garage. Love these guys!’

– Kristy T. | Flushing, MI

‘I was looking for a company that does roofing in Flushing, MI, when my wife insisted I call Ideal Roofing. I’m very glad she did. Saved us a ton of headache’

– Abdul A. | Flushing, MI

Colonial-Slate Roofing Shingles

Carriage-House-Gatehouse-Slate roofing Shingles

Premium-Max-Def-Colonial-Slate roofing Shingles

XT-25-Black-Pepper roofing Shingles


While roofing in Flushing, MI, the team at Ideal Roofing knows that great customer service starts long before the first shingle is laid, the nail is hammered in, or the first tarp is laid. We also know that great customer service last long after we’re finished with the work. Therefore, we take pride in letting read some of our customers’ testimonials about their experiences using our company. From places like Flushing and Lapeer, Michigan to Lake Orion and Columbiaville, Michigan our customers tell our story of commitment to everyone we serve.

When you’re in need of professional roofing services in Flushing, MI give Ideal Roofing LLC a call.

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