‘Cleaned my gutters and my roof. After a thorough roof inspection they discovered a couple missing shingles and a leak. Replaced a few shingles and patched leak. Saved me a lot of money I didn’t really have. Thank you Ideal Roofing for the roofing repair.’

– Claudia M. | Lake Orion, MI

‘Did what they said they were going to do. Buying local is important. So I was looking for some that does roofing in Lake Orion, MI. Completely built my home an entire new roof in no time at all.’

– Max W. | Lake Orion, MI

‘Pleasure to work with from start for finish. Recommended them to my sister for her roof repairs.’

– Debbie & Ron B. | Lake Orion, MI

‘Arrived at 7 am as scheduled. Great bunch of guys. All professional and hardworking. Got it done on time and done right.’

– Roth Z. | Lake Orion, MI

Colonial-Slate Roofing Shingles

Shadow-Gray Beautiful roofing Shingles

Premium-Max-Def-Shenandoah roofing Shingles

Dove-Gray roofing Shingles


While roofing in Lake Orion, MI, the team at Ideal Roofing knows that great customer service starts long before the first shingle is laid, the first nail is hammered in, or the first tarp is laid. We also know that great customer service last long after we’re finished with the work. Therefore, we take pride in letting read some of our customers’ testimonials about their experiences using our company. From places like Flushing and Lapeer, Michigan to Lake Orion and Columbiaville, Michigan, our customers tell our story of commitment to everyone we serve.

Even if it’s a small roofing repair, might more than just that. Call us.

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