Roofing Repairs Done Right


From small roof leaks to major weather damages

Roof repairs are unfortunately a part of owning a home. From fixing blown off roofing materials to fixing a leak cause by a fallen tree branch, it can get costly. However, those repairs don’t always have to be expensive and unexpected. Because an annual roof inspection can help prevent major damage to your roof, thus reducing the chance of costly repairs, it’s always the right way to go. A thorough roof inspection is needed to find leaks and other damages to materials such as shingle, drip-edge, etc. This can save you from expensive roofing repair services. After a thorough inspection, if roof repairs are needed, we provide you with the proper documentation and let you know exactly what needs to be done to repair your roof.

When should a thorough roofing inspection by a qualified roofing company take place when it’s not on an annual frequency? Immediately after a serious weather event such as high-winds, freezing-rain and snow storms. Torn away roofing shingles by high-winds can allow water to flow under existing roofing.

That water migration can also leak through you roof’s decking and into your attic. Other weather events like freezing rain and heavy snow may cause ice build up to form on your roofing surface. Ice build up, (ice-dams) can force moisture backup, thus dislodging roofing shingles allowing water into your home. When you need your roof inspected and or roofing repaired by a professional, be sure to give our roofing company a call.

tarp covering damaged roof



✅ Can help keep existing warranties valid

✅ Keeps home looking aesthetically pleasing

✅ Helps reduce heating/cooling costs

✅ Improves home’s or business’s value

✅ Many other benefits

✅ Valley Repairs

✅ Flashing Repairs

✅ Shingle & Materials Blow-Off

✅ Soil Pipe & Penetration Repairs

✅ Many other roof related issues