Ice Prevention System For The Roof

Don’t Forget The Roof!


Becoming a first-time homeowner can force you to take on a lot more than you would have expected when you’re looking at home-ownership from the outside in. But nonetheless, home-ownership also brings with it a great sense of pride and motivation in one’s life. I always said that it was the next best thing to having children. But after the initial joyride of having a home is slowing down, the dreaded realization that costly repairs and home-ownership goes hand-in-hand.



Maintaining a home is one of the toughest parts of ownership, and it can quite often take an unsuspecting homeowner by surprise. Especially when the homeowner knows very little, to nothing about repairing items such as, electrical outlets, doorknobs, faucets, broken window, leaking roof, etc… Of course this is exactly why professionals such as plumbers, electricians, roofing companies, etc… exist. They, and gratefully so, make our everyday lives much easier with their expertise and availability.



One of the greatest expenditures you’ll more than likely face, on one level or another is, roof repairs. Not to mention a complete roof replacement. Even just a new cover of shingles can be costly. These services are often unplanned and very expensive, especially when performed by a reputable roofing company in your area. But of course, you need a qualified and reputable roofing company to do the work. The benefits of doing so can include, warranties on materials and workmanship, a self-insured company, and a very knowledgeable and safety conscientious staff.

Taking the cheap way out when it comes to your home’s roof is never a good idea and will undoubtedly cost you more in the long run. Finding a qualified and reputable roofing company can also help you avoid the costly mistake of having more work done to your home than necessary.



What is it? Why is it necessary? When should I have it done? Is it free? Well, There are many ways to answer these questions. Not because there is truly a right or wrong answer, but because everyone’s homes are different in structure, subjected to different kinds of weather, etc… We will start looking at the first of the four prior questions:

  1. What is a roof inspections? A roofing inspection, thorough roof inspection, is a process where a qualified roofing contractor climbs onto your roof and performs multiple points of inspection. He/she is looking for apparent roofing material deterioration and obvious damage from wind, snow, ice-dams, fallen debris from trees, etc… Another vital part of a thorough roof inspection should include a serious look inside of your attic. There, a properly trained roofing contractor can check for signs of old or new roof leaks, quality of the roof decking all of those outside roofing materials are attached to.
  2. Why is it necessary? Leaks gone unnoticed can cause all sorts of issues with not only the outside roofing materials, but the inside of the home as well. Wet building materials hanging around in your walls and attic are never a good situation for the health of your home and family. A thorough roofing inspection should help you catch and avoid roof leaks before they cause serious damage to your home.
  3. When should I have it done? A thorough roof inspection should be performed at least once a year. And that is depending on where you live and what the seasons bring to your home, rough weather always warrants an increase in a thorough roof inspection frequency. It is also highly recommended that you have your roof inspected after expected/unexpected weather events such as very heavy snow falls, ice-storms, very high winds, etc…
  4. Is it free? No! Well, maybe sometimes. Seriously though, chances are, a qualified roofing company is going to charge you a fee for their time and expertise. But in contrast, a thorough roof inspection will cost you very little compared to the results of small issues gone unnoticed over a period of time. I liken it to the analogy of changing the oil in your automobile on a scheduled basis.



Overall, home-ownership is an awesome experience that comes with a cost. Fortunately, in most cases, we have the ability to help keep that cost to a minimum when it comes to the maintenance of our homes. If we take anything away from this, it’s that our homes need regular maintenance like our cars, and that it’s better to be, proactive, rather than, reactive.


Ideal Roofing Marketing Team