What does your roof really look like?

A home’s bad roof often shows visible signs of damage such as missing or cracked shingles, sagging areas, water stains on ceilings or walls, and mold or moss growth. Other indicators include granules in gutters, leaks, and higher energy bills due to poor insulation. These issues can compromise the home’s structural integrity and require immediate attention.

Don’t let the value of your home decline because of failing roof maintenance. Not all roofs need to be replaced but because of poor or no maintenance, it will almost always lead to that point.

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Full Roof Replacements

roofing services areas on map_of_michigan

More than just a few counties throughout Michigan

Genesee County
Oakland County
Macomb County
Wayne County
Saginaw County
Lapeer County
Livingston County
Shiawassee County
…many others

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